24/7 Support:

We provide both children and adults that require it with an intensive care service, based upon a 24-hour shift system, that is delivered by a permanently assigned care team in their family environment. This permits the development of mutual trust and comfort between yourselves and our professional nursing team.

Transition Management:

We are there for you and your child from the start, and will guide you through the important steps of transitioning your child from inpatient treatment and back to the home. These transfers are carried out by our experienced children’s care management and nursing management staff. After the initial contact, we assign the suitably qualified nurse for the individual.

Our Performance:

We are a local service provider who, with your assistance, develops an individualized assistance program for your child that seeks to deliver the most self-determined and non-intrusive lifestyle possible for your loved one. That is why we are happy to support children in their everyday activities and to accompany them to daycare, or to school.

Priority Care:

We are capable and happy to care for children with chronic illnesses or disabilities at home. Children feel particularly safe among family and can thus be encouraged and supported in the best possible way.

We also provide palliative care for children.

The clinical scenarios we treat include:

  • Neurological diseases
  • Paraplegia
  • Respiratory disorders and children on ventilation
  • Disease of the lower and upper airways
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Genetic defects
  • Children suffering from complications brought about by premature birth

Head of intensive care for children

Karina Mielke has been working as a registered nurse in the intensive care of children for several years. After further training, she is also a nursing expert for out-of-hospital ventilation. She has special knowledge of how to proceed with the ketogenic diet, a special form of nutrition that is used as an additional therapy for children with special neurological diseases. Karina particularly enjoys working with children, as you can see every day in her work and actions. There are especially the difficult and
challenging situations that arouse their ambition for adequate nursing care for the child in cooperation with the relatives.