„Assisting you to achieve a self-determined life“

This is our purpose. It is why we provide you with our MDK recognized care and assistance. We want to support you in your normal environment and provide you with the appropriate needs-based care that makes you comfortable. Our many years of experience and specialist knowledge in personal nursing care means that you can rely on Teamwerk with complete confidence.

An overview of our services

We are here to support you in your everyday life and would be happy to accompany you on every activity. In addition to arranging appointments with your doctors and therapists, we would be delighted to help you plan all of your appointments outside the home and with your relatives.

Our services include:

  • Home ventilator care, both invasive and non-invasive
  • Intensive care, e.g. in the area of tracheostoma care
  • Transfer management
  • Palliative care measures, e.g. for pain therapy
  • All basic care measures
  • Treatment measures
  • Providing advice and training on the home environment
  • Support in attending cultural activities, e.g. visits to the theater & concerts, and assistance on vacations

Priority Care

We care for people with a variety of very specific diseases and diverse clinical scenarios. Our nurses are particularly specialized in assisting and caring for intensive care patients.

Our main areas of treatment include:

  • genetic diseases
  • lung diseases
  • neurological diseases
  • paraplegia
  • craniocerebral injuries
  • metabolic diseases

Palliative Care

Accompanying and caring for a person in the last phase of their life requires a genuinely empathetic approach to nursing care, as well as in-depth nursing expertise. We understand the wishes of a client’s relatives and appreciate the desire to have their loved one palliatively cared for in their familial living space.

Teamwerk nursing staff receive regular training in the specialization of palliative care, leading to elevated levels of sensitivity to the needs of both the individual patient and their families. We are more than happy to work alongside selected palliative care physicians in such instances.