Why Teamwerk?

Stephan Henningsen
Cared for by Teamwerk since 2015

“I think Teamwerk is good because my team motivates me to do things that I would not do on my own, such as intensive standing training or daily MOTOmed driving. Daily training has made me much more agile.”

Bianca Scholz
Cared for by Teamwerk since 2013

“For me, being able to live independently with a companion is the most important thing when choosing a nursing service. I found this nursing service in Teamwerk.”

Alexander Kada
Cared for by Teamwerk since 2017

“With Teamwerk I can organize my leisure program independently. My team is fully behind me and I think that’s excellent!”

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Welcome to Teamwerk

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Around the Clock Assistance

A workplace accident, a stroke, a traffic accident, a serious illness or even a robbery resulting in serious injuries… suddenly life changes drastically, and things are no longer the same. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people’s lives can change so significantly. Some are born with impairments and have been dependent upon help since an early age. These life altering circumstances can be overwhelming for the victims and for their relatives. It takes great strength to face these unfortunate situations and to move forward in life. You need professional and compassionate help.

Our professionals understand this and assist those victims to find their own way, one step at a time. For us, nursing means balancing handicaps, recognizing and promoting clients’ existing skills, while supporting them through a more active nursing approach. Above all, our MDK recognized nursing service emphasizes the concept of active assistance; in addition to the medical and nursing aspect, we embrace the responsibility of meeting the everyday needs of our clients in a sensitive and considerate manner. And we offer an around the clock service, if required.

Intensive Care for Adults

Teamwerk’s respectful and professional treatment works to guarantee our clients’ dignity and individuality at all times; recognizing this crucial element is a pillar of our nursing philosophy. We offer you the appropriate and individualized intensive care that you require and deserve. Our experienced teams work in shifts to ensure your daily support around the clock, and we take great care to ensure your privacy. We are also there for your relatives and work hand-in-hand with them for your comfort.

Our close affiliation with a wide network of doctors, therapists, clinics and premier medical specialist centers ensures that we always meet your medical needs with effectiveness and professionalism.

Intensive Care for Children

Many years of experience have taught us that the need-based care of a child with a serious illness or disability may be associated with a unique set of challenges. We therefore place great emphasis on developing and maintaining the trust of our young charges families’ and we are happy to accompany your child in a thoughtful and caring manner, every day.

Our service has received several awards

The MDK test report from 2019 confirms that we are “very good” (“sehr gut”) in all areas
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Nursing performance

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Medically prescribed nursing services

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Service and organization

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